Gain a natural looking tan within weeks
It's cheaper than a holiday and safer then sunbeds, you will not be disappointed!

Gain a natural looking tan within weeks

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Hi, welcome .. we're an online reliable supplier of quality MT2 tanning products.

If you're either a long time user of Melanotan 2 or just simply looking for a fast and reliable service, or you have arrived here in order to discover more about this very popular sunless tanning product. Well, look no further as we have all information and products required to gain that tan you desire.

Here's a few reasons to why you should buy Melanotan 2 tanning kits from us.

We combine a rapid and reliable service with great value and a range of products to suit the majority of people who's seeking a darker look.

We source the very best quality Melanotan 2 that is available. If you desire a deep long lasting natural tan without the need to expose your body to long periods of potentially harmful UV sunlight. If you are not satisfied with the many types of spray on tan treatments that are available; or do not have the time for excessive visits to the sun bed salon, Melanotan 2 offers a revolutionary sunless tanning alternative.

Is Melanotan 2 Safe?

They say "It's safer than the Sun" why? Because Melanotan 2 is designed to work with the body and is a product that does not damage the actual skin. Self injecting can be sometimes tricky, so we advice that all MT2 users take extra care and follow the basics practices of when injecting, or simply purchase our best seller:

 Melanotan 2 Nasal Spray

How to use Melanotan 2

The skins natural sun tanning process is triggered without the need for the harmful UV radiation and long exposure to UV light. Because Melanotan 2 triggers the body’s own tanning process it results in a natural and uniformed all over tan every time without fail.

How to inject Melanotan 2?

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Health benefits of Melanotan 2

It's a fact that Melanotan 2 was first developed in order to treat skin cancer and although it stimulates the skins tanning process which in itself is a natural UV barrier but should not be considered as a fool proof UV sunscreen. Melanotan 2 is a potent peptide and all users should keep out of reach from children.

Did you know? Melanotan 2 is available over the counter in some countries.

Melanotan 2 customer reviews

Melanotan 2 is a dream come true! I honestly could not believe the colour it has given me, I get asked often by close friends if I have been on holiday. The colour it has given me is more like a bronze colour much like a Brazilian tan. Fantastic customer support and I would most defiantly recommend this.

Sarah Thompson, London. 2015

I attempted melanotan from numerous diverse suppliers, and discovered there is a strikingly incredible contrast with respect to the quality. By and large i needed to manage undesirable reactions like cerebral pains or dull pigmentations, yet since i discovered a decent U.K. seller no reactions happen any longer.

Lucy Stewart, USA. 2015

Thank you for such help in regards to my email enquiries before my purchase, very helpful. These guys are very honest and the products they supply are amasing and do really work. I have had no side effects of which i can see or feel apart from a beautiful tan that has now been there since 5 weeks after using the nasal spray.

Vicky Daines, Kent. 2015

I have been using sunbeds for many years and my skin now has permanent patches of colour on my back. Still with an eager of having a good tan look, I decided to give Melanotan 2 a go as reviews and forums all say it's alot safer then sitting out under the blasing sun. It sure does work .. I can ensue you that! thank you

Rob Sheen, London. 2015

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